Change picture automatically

Hi everyone.

Every week there will be a PIC rotation in my organisation, and we will then display the name and picture of PIC manually on Xibo.
Right now I try to automate the task by using ticker and dataset, and I successfully did it with the name.
Is there any way or idea I can use to change the picture according to the name i obtained?
Currently the picture is in media and it is not available in the database that i GET from.

Thank you.

Do you mean that the picture already exists in the Xibo Library, and you need to read a name from an external source, and set the picture to that?

I think you might need to use the API for that actually, or write a custom task to do it…

I think i’d probably go with a custom task actually, pull the name from your external system and then update a Playlist by removing the pic assigned and assigning the new one.

Something like that anyway!

Doc for tasks: