Change in date format does not allow scheduling

When you go to Preferences/regional and change the default date format to another, for example: H:i d-m-Y, it is not possible to scheduling anymore… is this a bug or my mistake?

(sorry my english)

you will want to have that as d-m-Y H:i, then it should be fine

Have you tried to schedule a layout after you changed the date format? It does not work for me.

I don’t see why wouldn’t it work, the default date format is Y-m-d H:i so d-m-Y H:i is pretty much the same, just the order in date is different.

I do not know either. In my country we used this type of format for dates, I changed it and I could not schedule layouts. sorry if i am asking again, but have you tried this case of use?

Yes I did, actually I had d-m-Y H:i set in my dev cms for quite some time now.

When you switch it back to the default one, then it works for you?

Is your CMS available over the internet? I’d be happy to take a quick look (if that’s possible send me the details over private message).

Yeah… when i switch back to the default one, then it works for me.

i will send you the link right now. Thanks!!

I too had the same problem. Since I changed the date format I can not schedule anything

The links of the post

before reading this post I had come to the same conclusion