Certificate verify failed

I am trying to add a display but getting an error “certificate verify failed” We have window PKI implemention. I have cert bound to the xibo server which is running on Unbutu server. I have no issues with cert when using on windows system or using the browser on windows system. However, I keep getting cert error on ubunu install. I have added the certs to the repository on the Ubuntu client box. I believe this is an Ubuntu issue but taking my chances here with advice.

Thank you.

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I’m having this same issue. Windows player works fine but the Ubuntu player has the error “cert verify failed”.

I am confident that I have made the appropriate changes on the ubntu client. Now that I see someone else having the same issue, I tend to think it may be client related. Is there a seperate directory in the Xibo client where I need to import cert?

Fixed the problem!

Our docker server (which was running Xibo) was incorrectly configured. We were missing one of our certificates so HTTPS was not working correctly. Once we included the additional .crt file everything started working.

Where did you copy the crt file? I have followed the Ubuntu docs and placed the files accordingly.

Which certificate were you missing? Did you import the ssl cert in /etc/ssl/certificates folder?

I think we were missing one of our intermediate certificates.

Our certificate provider gave us two files: a bundled.crt file and another crt file. Combining those two cert files fixed the problem.

Thank you. I have performed those steps but the issue still persists.

Not sure then, sorry. But it’s more than likely an issue with your certificate setup rather than Xibo.

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