Cascading Permissions 2.0.2

I have run into an issue in version 2.0.2 with the permissions cascade. I did this on a layout, and the person I granted the permission to was not able to modify elements of the layout, with some elements coming up as access denied.

More specifically, this was a layout that I had exported from our production Xibo system and imported to the test server (the one with 2.0.2) before upgrading if that makes any difference. The way around this was for the person (who could access and owned the layout) to copy the layout. They then had ownership of the items in the copy.

Has anyone else encountered this? I haven’t seen any recent posts and it doesn’t appear in the list of bugs right now.

Hi … Just bumping this to see if this is an actual confirmed bug or if I am operating this function incorrectly.

Could you give further information as to what elements are coming up as ‘access denied’? What permissions did you assign to the user?

Thank you

I applied view edit and delete permissions to the layout for the individual user and set ownership on the layout. The element showing access denied was within one of the regions, I believe it was a webpage widget. The message had a Xibo logo. Beyond that, the user was not able to make any changes to the regions, however the layout settings could be changed which is why I believe the main issue was that the permissions did not Cascade, however it did apply to the layout itself.