Canva connection error

Hi, really exited by Canva integration.
But for the moment, just doesn’t work for me.
Even followed all provided instructions, I got the an error during connection when allowing:

Sorry something unexpected happened

{“success”:false,“error”:405,“message”:“405 Method Not Allowed”,“help”:“The request method is not supported for the requested resource.”}

Any idea to over some this problem?

I am stuck with:
{“error”:0,“message”:“API configuration problem, consult your administrator”}

I am stauck with the same

{“error”:0,“message”:“API configuration problem, consult your administrator”}

We experienced the same issue
{“error”:0,“message”:“API configuration problem, consult your administrator”}

How to resolve this ? What is the reason for this?
Best regards

I have changed my local CMS to Docker including database dump + other things.
Now i have a working API and my CANVA error is now different.

{“error”:“invalid_client”,“error_description”:“Client authentication failed”,“message”:“Client authentication failed”}

I dont have any application configured and i cant reset this within Canva

What version CMS are you using?

You may be receiving this error as you have replaced your CMS installation on the same URL and will now have incorrect client information. If you DM us the URL we can reset this for you.

For those with the error message containing “API configuration problem, consult your administrator” this error will have a companion message in your CMS logs which will give more detail. It will possibly be something to do with how the CMS has been configured with encryption keys or RSA public/private keys.

I am facing the same problem. Can you please reset client information for me? What do I need to share?

{"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"Client authentication failed","message":"Client authentication failed"}

If you provide your CMS URL in a direct message to me, we can get that reset for you.

We have made an update to the Canva connector so that a User can now manually correct their CMS credentials themselves by visiting: Register | Xibo Canva Connector

A link has been included on the main connect flow from Canva as shown in the below screenshot:

Great! Thanks for this feature!

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