Can't verify modules or request screenshot. also can't send commands

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I am a new xibo user and I am trying to work on XMR. I made all setups and configures well. It seems connected but I cant get any messages. After some search on site, I realized that I need to verify modules.But when I try to request screenshot or verify modules, CMS gives an error. Here is a screenshot:

edit: It also happens when i try to send command.

cms version: xibo-cms-2.2.2
client: xibo-client-v2-R201-win32-x86

edit 2: I tried with different browsers like Chrome, Opera, Edge. Still no success

We would suggest an install with Docker where XMR is pre-configured and will work straight out of the box:

Thanks for your reply,

Actually I don’t think this problem is related with XMR, because I’ve made a clean install after this problem and I didn’t configure XMR. I’ve just set display and thats all. But I got this error again. It happens everytime when the cms make an XHR request (PUT, GET, POST). Something blocks these requests but idk why.

I am gonna try install with Docker and I will share the result.

Thanks again @natasha

I’ve solved problem with clean install.

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