Can't see other group users in permissions window

Hi !

I Have a problem with permissions.
When I log in as a user being part of a user group, In the permissions window I can’t see the other users from my group. I can only see myself and my user group.
I remember it hasn’t always been like this. I should see here all the users from my group.
I must have changed something to get there but I can’t find what.
I’ve tried many different settings with no avail.

I’m on Xibo 2.1.0.

May a kind soul help me ?

Thanks by advance.

Thank you for your message. Can you confirm the User type you are using for this account? Can you also confirm what Permissions window you are in? If you can provide a screenshot of the issue, this would also help so I can attempt to replicate it.

Many Thanks.

Thank you @DanBW for your answer.
The user type for the account is “User”.

The permission window I’m in is this one below :

On the last image, I’d like to see the other users of the group, to assign permissions individually.

Thanks by advance for your answers.

Hi !

Anyone with the same problem ?
Feeling quite stuck here.

My apologies for the delayed reply to your issue. I have been testing the permissions and I suspect the functionality you are looking for is reserved for the User Type Group Admin. Can you try changing the User type to Group Admin to see if this resolves your issue?

Many Thanks.

Sorry for the delay and Thanks @DanBW for your answer.

A Group Admin user can indeed see all group members in permissions.
But that’s not what I want.

According to the manual :

I created a “Test” group (group read) with 2 users, test1 and test2 (user type = user)

When logged in as test1, I should see test2 in the permission window but I only see myself (test1) or the group.

How can I allow write access to test2 user only ?

Thank you by advance.

Same problem here (xibo 2.3.0).
Have you find a solution?

greetings volker

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