Can't play MP4 video on my client (shows black screen)

I’m using a windows installation of the xibo client, running through “mono”, a package made to run .NET (windows exe) apps on Linux. The Linux distro I’m using is arch Linux. My CMS is on 1.8.0, and everything is working smooth, except for video playback.
For some reason I can’t press I to see information about the client while it’s running, perhaps it’s a configuration I have to set in the config.xml file of my client?
Anyway, how can I allow my client to play MP4 video instead of a black screen? The video is playing in the layout preview, I made sure of that. It’s only a client side issue.

Thanks for your help.

I’m not personally familiar with such installation, but if there is a problem with videos, could you tell me if you have Windows Media Player there? As that’s what Xibo for Windows will try to use to play videos.
At a guess that will be the main issue in your installation.

‘i’ is the default keybind, you can double check if it is set to ‘i’ in Display Settings page → Edit display profile assigned to your device → Troubleshooting tab → ‘Key for Client Information Screen’

I’d also highly suggest to use 1.8.2 CMS and player, but I don’t think that earlier release is necessarily the main issue with videos that you have.

Hello again,
So I still can’t access the information screen, it must be a compatibility issue with my installation. However, I managed to install “mplayer” with it’s dependencies (on my arch Linux os) and playing media on my device without xibo works. If I could only convince xibo to play videos using mplayer instead of looking for Windows Media player, my issue would be solved I’m sure. I found an XML config file that has a “VideoRenderingEngine” specifying Windows Media player as the default player. I’m assuming I should tinker with that variable, but how?

The .net Player will not work under Mono. Mono doesn’t provide a complete enough emulation of the Windows install for us I’m afraid.

Oh well, it’s working all fine except for video playback. Thanks for the input.