Can't install Xibo CMS Windows 7 64 bits

I’m trying to install the Xibo CMS 1.7.6 on a Windows 7 64 bits (WAMP server 2.1) but I’m still blocked at the Step4 (Blanked page).
I’ve got 56 tables on my SQL DB.

Any reason as of why you want to install 1.7.6 and not current 1.7.9?

If you haven’t please have a look here - (it should be very similar in wamp) and here

Do you see any errors during installation?
Were all the pre-requisites with tick status on the first step?

Sorry i made a mistake, the version I want to install is the current 1.7.9, not the 1.7.6.
I have some errors during the DB creation.

On the first step I had just a warning on Internationalization.