Can't get my layout to show on another screen


I’m trying out the cloud version of Xibo and ive tried changing the left offset to 1920 but I still get a black background screen playing on my main monitor and nothing on the 2nd monitor. If I remove the offset the mp4 video I have assigned to the layout plays.

Any help?

I assume both monitors are connected to the same PC and set as extended desktop?

If so, you will want to specify the width/height and offset in the display profile assigned to your display, then restart it and it should pick up the changes, if not, restart it again.

I thought I had tried that but will re-take a look. Our trial has run out is there any way to extend, so we can get this working and evaluate please.



Assuming that you’re referring to the demo CMS Instance you had with Spring Signage, then I’m afraid that was already deleted - we keep the expired demo Instances for a month, after that they are automatically deleted.

Please feel free to order new demo CMS Instance in our Customer Portal.