Can't get embedded radio to play in Window Client


Good afternoon,

I’m setting up a Xibo CMS for our local city hall, and I am having issues with getting embedded radio to play

I’ve setup a .mp4 to play and then an embedded link from

If I do a Preview Layout, it works there.

My CMS version is 1.7.7 and my Windows Client is 1.7.7

Thank you,

Grant Nelson


I would first recommend upgrading both your CMS and your Player to the latest versions, as there have been many bugs fixed and features added since the version you are running

If the Radio stream is still not playing correctly, you are welcome to provide me a link and I will test the stream on my own Players.

Many Thanks.


I did get Docker installed, went to the newest version and that did take care of it.

Thank you,

Grant Nelson


That’s great news, thank you for letting me know.

Many Thanks