Cant create a second instance with xibo r304

hello , im trying to create a second instance with de r304 client for win . i copythe complete folder of xiboclient to a new, rename the folder and xiboclient.exe .
i can open the configuration tab and fill all the data, but when i save the data the next text apear:

“there was a problem creating a local database. This will probably solve itselft when the player starts, but as precaution could press Cc”

if i launch the aplication it never showup, and in the task-manager we can see the proces in the “background processes” section.

Hi @Matias_Contreras and welcome to the community!

If you are trying to install multiple clients on one computer you can download pre-configured players for this from here: by clicking on ‘Assets’ for the release that you want, and then download the clients for screen two/three.

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