Cannot make head request for remote dataSet

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CMS Version

"app_ver": "3.0.6",
"XmdsVersion": "6",
"XlfVersion": 3

Player Type

Linux Ubuntu

Player Version

Not yet installed


I cannot get the dataset extracted from JSON and/or dataset head request fails.

My remote source:

   "entries": [
         "entity_id": "sensor.climatix_outs_temp_infl_for_heatcurve_hc2",
         "state": "1.2000000000000002",
         "attributes": {
            "friendly_name": "Climatix Outs.temp.infl. (for heatcurve) HC2 "
         "last_changed": "2022-01-20T15:07:15.110746+00:00",
         "last_updated": "2022-01-20T15:07:15.110746+00:00",
         "context": {
            "id": "f4b12e07659ba262875852e7ffe2ea0e",
            "parent_id": null,
            "user_id": null
   "number": 0

Data Root : entries

Remote data path : state

But I do not get any data for table

I have forced / fetched data manually from admin. - tasks - Fetch Remote DataSets Time stamp updates to current time.

I found this info from Log-files:

**176,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:00",CONSOLE,,GET,"Cannot make head request for remote dataSet 3",,INFO**
177,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:00",CONSOLE,,GET,"Cache Control Key is 5df69db6609b7aa39022b431ce70f4da",,DEBUG
**178,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:00",CONSOLE,,GET,"Skipping due to MD5",,DEBUG**
179,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:00",CONSOLE,,GET,"Finished Task Fetch Remote DataSets [6] Run Dt: 2022-01-20 21:43:00",,DEBUG
180,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:00",CONSOLE,,GET,"Running Task 8",,INFO
181,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:00",CONSOLE,,GET,"Running Task Sync Dynamic Playlists [8], Class = \Xibo\XTR\DynamicPlaylistSyncTask",,DEBUG
182,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:00",CONSOLE,,GET,"Last media updated date is 2022-01-20 13:53:23",,DEBUG
183,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:00",CONSOLE,,GET,"Last playlist updated date is 2022-01-20 18:40:00",,DEBUG
184,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:00",CONSOLE,,GET,"Finished Task Sync Dynamic Playlists [8] Run Dt: 2022-01-20 21:43:00",,DEBUG
185,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:01",CONSOLE,,GET,"XTR poll stopped",,DEBUG
186,ea75dd9,"2022-01-20 21:43:01",CONSOLE,,GET,"Request stats: {

Would that be a problem? And how to solve that? I haven’t installed any player yet, but this data set is used in one Layout

I have looked /opt/xibo/shared/cms/library/cache/ but it’s empty (through Ubuntu desktop)

BR, Simo

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