Cannot Import Layout


After Export some layout from my layout from my CMS,
then i tried to import to another CMS with same version,
some of those exported have been success to import,
but some of those exported layouts cannot be import,
and i got some error message “Error Adding Media”
Please look below for visual

FYI, i’m using CMS version 1.7.4

So how i to solve this issue ?
Any Help ?

It could be a good idea to update to 1.7.6.

In the meantime, could you go to report fault page, enable debugging, recreate the issue (try to import layout that gives you this error), check logs page for errors.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your quick response,
here i attach from error log after enable debugging and importing layout

Can you take a look the problem ?

Thank you

Hi Peter,

I already solve the issue,
i’ve discuss this issue with my colleagues,
and we found interesting issue,

we actually find strange issues related with the issues i summons before.
we login to CMS and using user with userID = admin
We can create new user with any user type,
but somehow the first user i have create cannot be use to added any media or layout.
when i try to add some media,
i got this message i got this error message "Problem calculating this users library quota."
And CMS User Page, when i try to check to user quota from the user that i use for login
i got also this error message “Problem calculating this users library quota.”

After i check with my colleague at the database,
we found that the “admin” doesn’t working properly,
at table name “group” and “lkusergroup” we cannot find any linkage to user “admin”.
after we exceute SQL below
"INSERT INTO group VALUES (‘3’, ‘admin’, ‘1’, ‘0’);"
“INSERT INTO lkusergroup VALUES (‘10’, ‘3’, ‘1’);”

then all going fine after we solve this issue
we can import layout, we can add the layout or media

but still we don’t find how come the user “admin” missing linkage could happen
any clues ?

Thank you.


I am glad you found the solution to this.

Is this a fresh installation or was it upgraded? Perhaps something went wrong with the upgrade?

When you create a new user he will be assigned to user group (‘Users’ by default) with some default permissions and library quota if there is one set for the group. Those permissions sometimes after upgrade (for ‘users’ usergroup) might require you to untick/tick them to work again.