Cannot Edit text field in DataSet in 1.8.0-rc2

After creating and using a dataset in a layout, the dataset’s text column fields can not be edited.

As an example, a Wednesday Lunch special for last week can not be edited with this weeks special. The column for startdate and enddate can be edited and will be saved with the dataset. Any text fields data that was changed will not be saved after changed.

Could you please show me a screenshot with this issue?

If you’re looking at the dataset data and click on the value you want to change what do you see then?

I can open a row by double-click. The startDate and endDate can be changed and saved. The three text columns can be changed in the textbox but once the changes are saved they do not show as changed.

Odd, so when you click on the lets say first row and change the data in MealDay column then save.
It will display the message that data was edited, but actually won’t change it?

It seems to work fine here on my local cms and our dev cms

I wonder if that’s browser cache issue more than Xibo issue, what browser are you using please?
Could you try clearing the cache / use different browser?

Yes, this is the behavior I am seeing. A Edited Row message shows after clicking save.

I have used 4 browsers Google, Firefox, IE and Edge. Even after clearing cache same behavior.

Could you please order a free demo 1.8.0-rc2 in Spring Signage customer Portal
then try to recreate the issue there?

It will be easier for us to have a look at it, as we will have access to it.

Additionally if it will work on fresh rc2 on our hosting, then it could imply a problem with your environment.

In which case, it could be good to enable global debugging, recreate the issue and look in CMS logs for issues.

I created a demo account and uploaded the dataset to it. I am still not able to edit the text fields but can edit the date fields.

Not sure if the Report Fault routine that creates the file is useful. If so, is is okay to upload with this ticket or does that expose security issues with allowing the data to be public?

I had a look at your CMS instance hosted with us, it seems there is no problems with editing data in your dataset (as you can see I did change few rows)

As for troubleshooting, I don’t think it will be necessary (yet), but in general it would be better to either edit it to make sure there is no sensible information there or send it to me via private message.

Does your instance, on the Demosite, of the dataset data include only the Delete option on the far right of the table? For some reason I felt this was to be a drop down menu?

Yes, there is only delete row on the right.

to Add -> there is Add row button
to edit -> click on the existing row

Thanks for your help. Not sure where to look for a solution the behavior I am experience with datasets.

When you mentioned earlier that it would be my environment–so with working on the cloud dataset, this would mean my PC that I am using to get to the site. I have been to two PC and still am not able to change the data on the cloud. I have created another data sets on the cloud install and was able to add the dataset. Yet again I am unable to edit the text field.

Would your user logon of xibo_admin give you different rights? If you try and edit again does it allow you?

Lost on what step to take next. Any directional assistance would be helpful.

Using Firefox developer window, I see the Put statements. For some reason I have success on editing a text field but not every time. Here is a failure to update the data in the text field using the cloud instance.

Change Window…

After Save is clicked…Put Statement…

The randomness of this behavior and trying to replicate a successful edit is difficult.

It’s really weird, but since we can’t recreate it then please:
Navigate to the Report fault page and go through report fault wizard.

ie enable debugging,
repeat the data edit until it fails (but says edit was successful),
note, which row id you were editing,
collect the log data in report fault wizard

That will download archive which you can send to me via private message.

I believe this is my issue. I quickly tested it with a single click a few times and then double-click and it seems by double-clicking the issue shows up.

After some meetings today, I will test more yet I feel this is the issue. Thanks for your time and attention to this issue.

Oh that might be correct.

Since single click opens the form, double-click might open it two times and then not save correctly.

Would be good to confirm that, if that is the case, perhaps we could find a way to prevent it.

The double-click was the issue. I went back to a previous post and the graphic showing the Firefox Get , Put statements during the editing of a line. This graphic shows 2 Get statements during a double click and only 1 Put statement.

On a single click for edit, 1 get and 1 put statement are displayed. Thanks again for the support and looking forward to the general release.

I’ll log that as a bug anyway. It may be we can “debounce” that somehow to prevent the issue.

Thank you for your help with that.