Cannot download from the library after upgrade 1.7.9


After upgrading from 1.4.2 to 1.7.9 version, I can’t download library media files from CMS.
I can’t add media too. When I click on Add Media and " Add Generic File" or " Add Flash File" or others, there is no reaction.
Is there a missing configuration ?
Thanks for your help.
Best regards.

It could be permission issue, you could check that, also what’s your library path in CMS settings?
Is it fully qualified path to the library? (it needs to be)

failing that, please go through Report Fault Wizard.

My library path is like E:\server\xibolibrary
I’ve configured all permissions but I can’t download too.
Thanks for your attention.

I’ll remove your above post, as it does not really help with anything.

When I said go through Report Fault page I meant:

Enable CMS Auditing
Recreate the Issue
Disable CMS Auditing
Export logs save as .txt file and send that to me over private message please.

I don’t think you’ve done that as there is no log messages about the issues you’ve mentioned.

Unless those are php issues that might not be fully logged in CMS, still I’d expect to see an error about it in CMS logs with auditing enabled.

OK. How can I send you a private message ? I don’t see any link for it.