Cannot display video anymore

We had a campaign running on an android client (with 2 images and 1 video).
it worked fine.
I wanted to add another layout(within a video) for the client, but it didnt worked. I deleted the new layout from this device. After that the video in the previous campain aint working anymore. We get an error message:

Cannot display video. Uri=file:///data/user/0/ What=1. Extra=-12.

What can we do now?

Could you please make sure it’s H264 encoded mp4 video? This is the most android friendly format and encoding.

What device are you using? (Mark, model, android version) and what Xibo for Android version you have installed on it?

Do you use internal or external storage?

The videos are H264 encoded. We are using several devices, this one is an android tv Sony KD 55XD7005 with Android Version 6.0.1. There still 7.1 GB free storage.
The Xibo Version is 1.7.