Cannot disable security menu for a user

Hi everyone.

I have an issue I can’t work it out. I’m using 1.7.6 version.
I log in as admin and disable a menu item for a user (eg. disable templates menu for User1).
But, when user1 logs in, that item menu is still visible despite it is disabled by admin.

I attach the printscreen for both profiles.

By the way, I want to test 1.8.0 rc2. I have to download from Github? And what about the windows player one? where’s the msi file? I couldn’t find it.

Thank you.

You need to make sure your user isn’t in the Users group (which it will be by default).

Windows Player MSI can be found on the same page as the CMS download on Github as it is for any other Xibo release:

Oh thank you, Dan.

All I wanted to do is to add users to a specific group with bounded permissions, to avoid setting permissions for each user I create. So, I created a new group (apart from ‘Users’ one) with bounded permissions and assigned users to it and it really worked OK.

The only problem I see is that when for example user1 uploads media or creates a new layout, he can set permissions to all other users if he wants to. Is there a way to restrict a user for setting permissions to his own media or layouts? I want each user can create/edit/delete its own contents and not to share them. The only user that I want to share or assign permissions is the administrator one. It’s like I want to share the same CMS instance for 2 or 3 testing users with different players, and I don’t want them to see their contents to one another.

Is that possible?

Thank you!

In 1.7 series, no you can’t restrict access to that.

In 1.8 you can, however we strongly recommend that if you have users who must never have access to each-others content/displays etc, that you put them in separate Xibo instances.

Ok, Alex.

So, if I want to add another instance, I will have to install another CMS again from the very beginning? Is there a way to add another instance from almost ‘one click’ like Spring does?

Well Alex, I appreciate your quick and concise answers.
Thanks a lot.

Yes you need to install the CMS over again as you did in the first instance, using a new database and new storage locations.

Xibo run on Spring Signage’s platform is exactly the same. We’re automating the above behind the scenes.