Cannot connect external server

Hi there,

Currently, i am using Xibo and therefore I have installed the cms on a computer. On this computer, I have also installed the xibo player. To display information on the xibo player i had to make a connexion. This had been successfully done. Now I want to add another xibo player on the cms. For this, i have another computer and also on this computer I have installed Xibo player. I took the same steps as I did before but now I get an error status: Cannot connect to the external server.

The cms address that I use is http://ip-address/xibo/web
I have checked the Key and this the same as in the cms system
The only thing that is different that is the local library but this cannot be the problem.

I have done a couple of things to solve this problem but nothing helped.

  1. On the computer where cms system is installed I have opened the inbound port TCP 80,TCP 433 and TCP 9505
    2 .Also opened the outbound port TCP 80, TCP 443 and TCP 9505 on the computer without the cms system.
  2. I have pinged the cms system from the computer without cms to the computer where the cms system is installed through cmd and the test was done successfully.

Can somebody please help me with this problem.

Could you tell me what webserver are you using please?

I assume it’s 1.8.2 and not docker as you have /web in the CMS URL, which is the first thing that you should fix.

Please see notes about DocumentRoot and URL rewriting here -

On the left of this manual page there are also links to XTR and XMR, which you should configure as well.

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Hi Peter,

I am using webserver Appache on a windows computer.
The current document root is as follow xampp/htdocs/xibo/web.
In the documentation I have seen that I have to adjust the root to /var/www/web.
In my case, that means that I have adjusted the document root to xampp/php/www/xibo/web.

But this still did not work, is there someting else i can do?