Cannot always send command to client

hi all,
I’m a fresh and got a lot of wired situations. The first one is that I cannot always send layout/media to my client(especially linux client). If my server and my client are in the same machine, the success rate could be higher. So I guess maybe it is the settings of network? But I have no idea about this.
The second one is when I configure my client a new layout(actually only default layout client will download), it never download even if I click “collect now”. What should I DO? And sometimes it will show some http erros, as shown in picture below:

The third one is about “request screenshot”. As I mentioned just now, when my server and client are in the same machine(windows PC), I can click the “request screenshot” and client can receive the command successfully and upload its screenshot very quickly. However, when my server is in windows PC, and my client is in the linux(both network is in excellent condition), the client never upload its screenshot or download the layout and launch the player. In word, the client in linux can only connect to the server successfully, it can do nothing else.
Please help me. Thanks for your kindness.

CMS Version: 2.3.7
XIBO Player version(windows): 1.8.3
XIBO Player version)(linux): 1.8-R6

Hi 1114,

Thank you for your message and for the details about your issues. There are a few things you have mentioned so I think it’s best to work through them one at a time.

It’s not clear from your message what installation method you used for Xibo CMS and what operating system it is installed onto. Could you confirm and also upgrade your CMS to 2.3.8, so that we can guarantee you are completely up to date and have the latest fixes. Below are links to the 2.3.8 blog post that contains the files for the upgrade and our upgrade guides for reference. Please make sure to backup your database and media library before attempting the upgrade, to ensure you can roll back to 2.3.7 if an issue occurs.

You also mention that you are using Xibo for Windows 1.8.3, which is a very old release and also not intended for use with version 2 CMS. Please can you also upgrade your player to version 2. If you are using Windows 10, please install R256. If you are using any older versions of Windows, please use R202:



Once you have upgraded your CMS and player, please can you connect the player to your CMS and set a very simple layout for the default layout, containing only an image or text widget.

When you have done that, if the issues persist, please can you:

  • Provide a new screenshot of the status page from the player.
  • Confirm if your CMS has been configured to use HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Provide more information about how you set up your XMR service. Please provide screenshots if possible.

Many Thanks.

hi, thanks for your help. But in fact when I use client for windows, not many problems appear. And I install the xibo cms by source code using docker. And I used to install 2.3.8 but I failed, so I install a old version 2.3.7 successfully.
In word, maybe my problems are because of the server and the client for linux. So is there newer version of client for linux? And how should I update my server to latest version(I have not seen your guides in details hhh)?

Thank you for your message. Your original post has a screenshot from a Windows player, which is returning errors suggesting that it does not have the files it requires. There’s also an error that suggests the player is unable to register with your CMS, plus another error stating that an invalid state has been detected for your XMR service. Please note that the collect now button will not work if your XMR service is not working, as XMR is the service that sends those requests. It is also still correct that Xibo for Windows 1.8.3 is not recommended for use with a version 2 CMS, as it does not understand a lot of the functionality or any of the new features added in version 2, plus there have been a lot of fixes and improvements since that release. I’m glad that you are not experiencing many issues with this player version but upgrading to a recommended player version to match your CMS is still strongly recommended.

The issues are indeed likely to be related to your CMS installation. Below is a link to our post installation guide, which includes a section on how to configure XMR. Please can you make sure you have set up your XMR service correctly?

Once you are sure that you have configured your XMR service correctly, please make sure that the time, date and time zone are correct on the devices running your players. Please can you then try requesting a screenshot from your linux player and let me know if the screenshot is returned shortly after your request, or if the screenshot does not get returned until the next time the player connects to your CMS. Please also confirm what collect interval you have set for your players.

Many Thanks.

hi DanBW, this is in what way I install my xibo server(picture shown below)

And the link is: GitHub - xibosignage/xibo-cms at release23
I have checked your link which help me how to configure XMR, but actually I have never configured it but almost everything(except the client for linux) went well, why? And most importantly, I did not find where to configure it, does the “setting” means what? it is when accessing http://localhost so I can see it?
Thanks for your patience.

And for my linux client, it can connect to server normally and when I launch the player it also download the layout and media I send to it.

I have found it, does it mean simply swap for like this?

And after doing this, I can still not request screenshot to my client for linux.
By the way, do you know how to get the log of client for linux?
Thanks for your help.

Thank you for your messages and screenshots. The instructions you have shown in your screenshot are not for installing the Xibo CMS for general use, they are for installing the CMS for development. I would strongly suggest using the official installation guides, as the method you have used is not secure and performance could be slower. Here is a link to the installation guides:

Once you have installed your CMS using the correct instructions, you can proceed to set up XMR using the guide I passed on in my previous message. The instruction in the guide is asking you to enter the correct IP address or domain for your CMS. For example, you can see in your screenshot of the Linux player options that you are using an IP address to connect to your CMS. You will need to enter that IP address into the XMR Public Address box in the screenshot. Using your IP as an example, it should say tcp:// You must also make sure that you have inbound port 9505 open on the machine you install your CMS onto, so that XMR messages can be received.

Many Thanks.

Also, further to my last message, you can access the status logs for the Xibo for Linux player by clicking the i key on a connected keyboard while the player is running, which should look like this:

If this is not the log you are referring to, please let me know.

Many Thanks.

hi, do you mean that I should install cms using the official installation guides other than the source codes from the github? But my aim is to develop my our cms so I my need to modify the codes according to our own need. Most importantly, submitting the screenshot is not our goal. Our goal is to achieve that that client for linux can receive our own stated messages(modified types by ourselvers) and send messages to cms server. That’s what we want. Maybe do you know what I should pay attention to?
Thanks in advance.

hi, this status log is not what I want. I wanna whether the client for linux has received my command of CMS. And when I see the source codes of client for linux, I see this in “ScreenShotInterval.cpp”:

Because I want to make sure what the reason of the failure of submitting screenshot is, I aim to check the “log” file to see if the network is to blame.
By the way, this is my status log:

What does it mean?

XMR is wrong,

XMR needs to be pointed to a address that can be translated by your domain, or use your internal/external public IP.

So change XMR IP to internal IP in settings
Change XMR IP that has to be pushed as setting to client with the device profile you are using.

Thanks for your reply. But actually I have changed the address to my domain. I forget to upload the latest picture hahaha(shown below).

But thanks for your reply anyway.

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