Cannot Add Media with "xxxxxx H.jpg" via API

I ran into trouble trying to get a file to upload via the API. I kept getting something like Invalid File Format back.

File name was “Bako_BrookSide_4700Coffee_SLIDE H.jpg”

As soon as I renamed the file to “Bako_BrookSide_4700Coffee_SLIDE_H.jpg” it worked.

So I just replaced the space with an underscore

I would guess that something is thinking it is some sort of h.264 or h.265 file??

Interesting, it seems to work fine for me with your original file name.

Even if I create a monster like:

In conclusion, I’m truly puzzled as of why it didn’t work for you with original name :confused:

Is there anything else in Log API Channel?

What happens for you when you set the name the same as the file?

It is not Xibo, some sort of glitch. fopen is failing to open any file with “file name H.jpg”. Thank you Peter for your time.