Can you display a error message if for some reason your pushed image doesn't update?

My question is probably self explanatory. But, I’m curious if for some reason it doesn’t push the images to the client can i have a default image that can be displayed? or does it just default to last time i updated the images? I mean I’m pretty positive that’s how it works just curious if there was a way to do this in case the system crashed or lost the data?

Thanks in advance!

Xibo players download the content from the CMS, once it’s downloaded it will show it even without internet connection (or connection to the CMS) - assuming that you are not using webpages, embedded content etc as those do require internet access in most cases.

When you make a change in your layout, then once you save it, player will be notified by the cms that there is a change in the layout and it will attempt to download new file - if it downloads it successfully then it will show the layout as you’ve edited it, if it fails to download new file or fail to connect to the CMS at all after changes were made, it will display the version of the layout stored in the cache.