Can Xibo been used with a HTML page in Firefox instead of the Xibo Player?


I’m new to this community i’ve got a question. At my work we are testing with Xibo and i’ve got the question if Xibo can be used to display it in a web browser instead of the Xibo Player. We’re looking for an envoriment to display webpages, the companies twitter account, solar panels grapchis and more. But can that be displayed on a web page? And not via the Previw Layout.

And i need it to refresh the page every 60 seconds can that also be implemented? And with the solar panels i need to login in to the webpage to show the graphics of the solar panels. But after inactivity i got logged out is there something to forbid that?

Hope you people will have some answers :smile:

Greetings Wesley Swijghuizen

Xibo needs the Player application to run. You can’t embed it in a webpage and have it play there I’m afraid.

Not even with a plug-in or a company who has achieved this?

I’m afraid not. Xibo only runs content in a Xibo Player.

OK thank you!! I’ve used a refresh add-on in firefox to refresh the page. And that works. Anyway thanks for the help.