Can someone explain the role of the Edge Server in the Xibo ecosystem and how it differs from the central CMS server?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using Xibo for a while now, and I’m trying to wrap my head around the role of the Edge Server [ Edge Servers | Edge Servers | Lenovo UK ] in the Xibo ecosystem. I understand the basics of the Central CMS server, but I’m not quite sure how the Edge Server fits into the picture and how it differs from the central CMS server.

Could someone please shed some light on this for me? I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance.

There isn’t really any need for an edge server in infrastructure for Xibo. The players themselves do some processing work in some cases, but all other processing is done centrally via the CMS.

If you’re scaling Xibo to 10,000s of displays you might choose to run some functions on edge servers, but not usually.

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