Can ping server, it's up on browser, but Xibo client is giving 503

We went through every single steps and properly installed Xibo to server, everything works fine, we could access it from both our work environment which have more strict network, and from my home, but strangely, at work it’s connecting but not getting scheduled layout, at home it’s giving 503 message, but I could ping the server from home, please help, thanks.

Error 503 comes from the webserver itself - not from Xibo - so you need to look at the webserver’s logs to understand why it’s not serving your requests.

I know 503 comes from webserver, but as I wrote, it’s only coming form xibo, other aplication is not giving it.

I have no idea. The answer is in your server logs and only one of us has access to those…

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Hi MirAs try to check your wamp server or apache server if it is online

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