Can i use Xibo without a player?

I have a scenario where there are several media extenders and the client wants the same display on all screens, and doesn’t want to invest in player computers - so, is it possible to use Xibo without a player?


Without player you can only see the layout preview in browser, in many ways it’s not exactly the same as signage player.

I’d say the short answer to your question is no and we’d highly recommend either Android or Windows clients.

Windows clients are distributed under AGPLv3 open source licence - no cost.
Some windows sticks or similar are powerful enough to display most common content and are relatively cheap, so perhaps that would be the way to go.

You could use some sort of hardware graphics replicator/splitter to get mirrored output across the displays. You would still need at least 1 player as the source of the output.

Hi Guys

Thanks a lot, i’m actually doing just that now - i’m planning on running the server with a minimal installation of CentOS on an old Dell Latitude 2100 with 1Gb of memory on board - in part because the hardware is available! Do you think spec wise this should be adequate for the CMS to run from?


If it’s just for one or two Players then I don’t see why not. Laptops aren’t really designed for 24/7 operation though so it may be worth having the thing apart and cleaning the cooling fans etc to give it the best possible chance!

Hi Alex

That’s exactly my thoughts to be honest, it’s not really ever been used very hard, as i think these sorts of machines were a bit gimmicky at the time…touch screen etc.
I’m also essentially proving the concept for a school, that Xibo works - then i’ll look at maybe getting some funding and getting a nano-computer - as it all needs to fit into a small box, hence the query!!

Thanks for the support!