Can I switch from Apache to IIS after in production?

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I’m experiencing an issue with my XAMPP for Windows Apache Module service. I keep receiving an appcrash, httpd.exe, fault module name: php_soap.dll c0000005 error. I know this to be a permissions issue somewhere, but I cannot locate it. The service crashes about every 23 seconds. When it crashes, I’m unable to connect to the Xibo management console, connect new devices, etc. I have to continually click “close” on the popup error and then the service starts back up, and then 23 seconds later, the cycle repeats. I have searched everywhere and cannot find a solution for this.

If I open the php.ini file and comment out the extension php_soap.dll, the service stays running; however, I cannot connect any new displays and/or update them from the console.

Anyway, I thought that I might switch from Apache and try IIS instead. Are there instructions on how to do this? I do not want to mess up my database, etc. Would it be better to start with a fresh install and then move my displays, images, etc. over to the new install?

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From my experience I would not suggest going from apache to IIS. In fact IIS seems to be more problematic than apache. XAMPP should in general be really stable. If you are experiencing troubles as you are describing, I think you would fare better in the long run to correct the problem you are having. This might include a complete format and reinstall. I suggest this because any underlying issue that causes problems, normally does not get better, but only worse. This can eventually lead to more downtime, or data being lost.

Kinda like using fix-a-flat to fix a race car tire. (USA reference) You could, it just would not be wise. :wink:

@cslaughter is correct, the project does not test using IIS at all and while it should work it is usually better to go with XAMPP/WAMP.

That being said you are welcome to try IIS if you want, there are no particular instructions for setting it up but once you have it running it should just be a matter of moving your DB and files over.

I think I will try a fresh install and stay on XAMPP. It was stable for several months and then out of the blue it just started crashing. I can’t pin point what caused it.

Thank you for all that you do!!!

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Ok, so I tried a fresh install of XAMPP on the server, and it did the same thing. So I decided to build a different VM. I created a Windows 7 box and did a fresh install of XAMPP and moved my htdocs and mysql over to the new install. I can bring up the dashboard and all of my displays and templates are listed. The appcrash has stopped. The only problem I have now is that all of my displays will not connect to my CMS. They say “The underlying connections was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.” However, if I change the Display ID and then hit save, the dashboard recognizes it and allows me to add it. Is there anyway not to have to do this because I just finished installing the client manually on 313 end user workstations.

After messing with the files and settings, it appears to be working correctly now. I have tested the connection on several displays and have been able to get them to communicate back to the CMS. Yea! :smile: I appear to be fixed!

Good to hear. :thumbsup: