Can I do this with Xibo?

I run a business and have two tills at the front of my shop which are used for an ePOS till, and they’re often in use.

I was thinking when they’re NOT in use (i.e system idle 30 seconds), it would be handy if they could display pertinent information about either jobs around the shop that need doing, customer orders that need fulfilling and similar.

It would be hugely beneficial if these lists could be updated remotely, i.e. via a web CMS.

Would xibo be the tool for me?

I have already got a free trial hosting with and I have installed the Windows client app.

Any tips on a) if what I want to do is doable and b) how best to go about it?

many thanks!

You can use the Windows Player as a screensaver which would do the “only show when idle” work for you.

As to what content you want to show, it’s up to you. A dataset might be good.

Commercial note:
Just FYI, isn’t endorsed by the project, and none of the money you pay to them for hosting will be reinvested in making Xibo any better. There are other providers out there, who actively contribute to Xibo’s development, and provide free support via this Community Site. It is of course completely your choice which provider you use.

Thanks, Alex.

A dataset - I looked into that and it looks good…but can it be update-able by email or some other mechanism other than logging into the admin panel of my hosting? Ideally I’d like all staff to be able to add jobs/memos to the list that will appear on the “screensaver”

No. You would need to log in to it and edit it.

If you want to email jobs in, then a ticketing system like RT (Request Tracker) will do that for you. You can then get an RSS feed from that and push that in to Xibo for display.

OK, I’ve found a way around it. So now I am using Knack and Zapier. Knack is handling my “tickets” (or data) and Zapier is doing RSS. So now I just need to find out how to get Xibo configured to show the RSS feed as a screensaver.

You pull your RSS feed in as a ticker.

Screensaver setup is covered in the manual.