Can display a website on HD Screen but not in 4K


I’m trying to display a website on Xibo player using windows.

The website is a private corporation website, so i can’t show it to you.

Let me explain my situation : I have my Intel NUC 5CPYH linked to a 79 Inches Screen. It is connected by Ethernet to my company network.
To run my tests, i made a configuration to run remote office connection from my computer; so i could control my NUC from my computer and run tests on my little screen.

But there is the issue : when i configure my website, using 4k resolution, when i use the layout preview, i can see my website running without any issues.
But at the moment I trying it on my player, it’s not working and i get a white screen.

I wish you could help me on this.

Thanks in advance,


Do you use Windows Player?

Yes i am using Windows Player !


Windows Player uses Internet Explorer as a web browser.

  1. Open the website in IE.
  2. Can you see any scroll bar?

It’s working nicely when i’m opening the website on IE.

I think the issue is somewhere else.

Check your layout resolution on Xibo CMS. Cinema (Full 4K) = 4096 × 3112 and
4K UHD = 3840 x 2160 .

I currently have some displays with the following screen resolutions:
5760 x 1080
4320 x 1920
3240 x 1920

All displays contain Layouts with embedded content and works well.

I just tried an embedded website with 4K display and works fine.

Thanks for your answers.

I think the issue is with the website; maybe it is not working at all on my NUC.