Campaign stops before scheduled time

I am running Xibo server on Windows 2012 server R2 Standard and the client is running on Windows 10 Pro. When I schedule a campaign to run for more than 48 hours it stops prematurely and shows just a blank screen until the client is restarted. I’m new to using Xibo and admit that there may be some nuances to it that I have not grasped just yet. Any ideas as to what the issue could be?

What CMS/ client versions are you using please?

It would be good to show status screen when player encounters this issue again (press ‘i’ on your keyboard to show status window while Xibo is focused).

Assuming player correctly ‘know’ about schedule it should display it correctly even without internet connection.

The windows client version is 1.7.7

As for the status screen, unfortunately the campaign will run for 48 hours (sometimes longer) before it stops however I will wait for the campaign to stop and post a screen shot of the status screen when I can.

I have the client setup to look for updates every 60 seconds at this point so it knew about the campaign since it is using changes I have implemented shortly after I make them. Since it’s taking changes to the campaign I imagine it knows about the schedule as well…unless there is a setting somewhere that I’ve missed.