Campaign scheduling

Though campaigns is there a way to sent the layout to play at a certain point during the day, so if i run the campaign from 08:00 till 16:00 is there a way for me to say layout 1 starts at 08:00 and layout 2 does not start till 11:00 within the campaign or will i have to schedule the layouts separately

You would need to schedule layouts separately, layouts added to the campaign will be displayed for the layout duration and the player will move on to the next layout in the campaign.

As per your example, you’d schedule one event from 8am to 4pm and second event from 11am to 4pm(?) with the same priority.
Then only layout 1 will be displayed 8am-11am after that player will cycle though both layouts

though so, what i meant was, that the campaign has 5 layouts and they all have to play and stop within the day

layout 1 plays before school and ends after Period 1 starts.
layout 2 starts just before change over of period 2 and ends just after the start of the lesson

and so on,

this is how we have to set it, i understand that campaigns cannot but may be a handy feature, have campaigns run their own schedule, may be silly but an idea non the less