Campaign Only Playing the First Layout

I am currently trying to setup a campaign on one of our displays. We have one layout that is our default layout for the screen that shows weather, visitor info, news ticker, etc. We have a video that we would like to play that lasts about 3 minutes. When I create a campaign and schedule it on the display there appears to be no change. I reset the machine and the video played (it is the first layout in the campaign) but it continued playing indefinitely and would not change back to the information layout.

One the video layout, there is one single region with the timer set to 200 seconds for the 3:20 long video. I would expect that once the region timer is done the layout should change. The max timer for the information layout is 20 minutes and I would expect the layout to change back to the video after 20 minutes. Is there something that I am missing for transitioning between layouts in a campaign? I do not see any options for specifying a layout time in the campaign settings. We are using 1.7.8.

mmm so yeah layouts in campaign should work like that:
First layout plays for the whole duration and then it switches to the next one, which plays for its full duration and then switch to next one (or the first one if campaign only has 2 layouts of course).
It should work like that for the whole time you scheduled your campaign to play.

So if you have 2 layouts in your campaign and it only displays the first one, then something is not right.

Perhaps export your layouts, upload them to dropbox/similar and send to us (share the download link here or via pm to me) and we will have a look.