Campaign Not Loading Correctly

I have assigned a campaign with one Layout and it is loading two different layouts. Here is my info and it looks like a lot of errors. How can I fix these. By the way Im basically a newbie

Also, I noticed the layout when displaying on the client computer is only showing The pictures I added. Its not showing any regions created within Xibo.

It appears that you are missing 18 files that have not been downloaded and you have /web in the URL. I would suggest that you look again at your installation and make sure that it is correctly set up using the appropriate Installation Manual:

XMR is also showing as disconnected so please do take a look at your set up regarding that:

Please also check your network connection to the CMS, verify all Modules and clear the cache on the display.

If you are still experiencing issues after doing this then please come back to us and let us know what kind of install and version of CMS you have.

Do take a look at the following manuals to help you on your way:

Administrator Manual - which will guide you through the set-up of the system

User Manual - will guide you through the CMS navigation and features

Thank you