Campaign is ignoring a layout

I am having a problem where my clients are ignoring the first layout in my campaign. The first layout is my main news for the school which pulls rrs feeds and the other two are videos. The first layout works great alone or with other layouts that are not videos. I’ve made sure that all of the layouts are made correctly and even tried re-installing the clients on my testing tv’s. The biggest problem is that it worked a couple months ago during Christmas when I was doing the same thing, now it just skips the news layout. I pressed ‘i’ on the keyboard when I load it up and it shows all three layouts then the one will be deleted off.

Could you please tell us what CMS and player versions are you using please?

Screenshot of status window on your device could be useful as well.

Client is 1.7.8, how do I check the CMS?

Found it it is also 1.7.8

Ive tried some more testing and I find That even when the two will play together after my announcement scroll finishes it deletes it and will play the video on loop