Campaign as Default Layout


If there a way to add a Campaign as a default layout. I am using 1.7.3 none of my campaigns appear under default layout for a player so I assume that is currently not supported.

Can we have this as a feature request for CMS 1.7.4


Hi Btech,

You can’t set a campaign to be the default layout you can set only a single layout as default layout.
The default layout is there for error conditions, so when nothing else is scheduled, or when whatever is scheduled is invalid for some reason, it will show the default layout, It’s not designed to hold content.
You should be scheduling the content you actually want to show with the scheduler.

As for you request, the default layout will not be changed. It’s not how the product is designed to work.

Best Wishes,
Spring Signage - Support Engineer

Hi, Petter.
I really need to add a Campaign “group of layouts” as default layout.
I know you say the system was not made to work like that, but I really need it and I do not mind doing some modification to the cms code and bd to get it.

Could you guide me? Thank you

I was thinking.

If I set the start date for a schedule in a period prior to the default date of the player “the one it displays when it is offline” Would this cause a scheduled campaign to continue running even if the player starts without the correct internet?

I think this can be a way to get around the fact that the campaigns are not displayed in case of lack of internet.

If you schedule a campaign (in 1.8 you could do it with ‘Always’ Daypart), player will download it and show it without internet as well - assuming that you do not want to show online content like webpages etc.

Okay, thanks, I’m going to test this feature.