Calendar - Trigger for current event not working

Hi all,

I have a Philips meeting room display with LEDs and Xibo Player V 3-300, connected to a 3.0.1 CMS. I use the trigger of the calendar widget to switch the LED color. It works fine for the trigger “No Event” (LED green), but not for “Current Event” (LED red). It’s not a problem with the command or action. It looks like that even there is an event, the trigger “No Event” is executed. During an event, I used “send command” to switch the LED to red, but they switch back to green the next minute.
In the calendar widget I use a template for “current event”, so I know that the player detects the current event. Any idea?

Hi ChristianM82, sorry to hear about your issue. Can you provide the following information:

  • What is the model number of your Philips display?
  • Can you send me an exported copy of your layout in a private message?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan, do you get my PM?

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