Calendar Templates - Start of the month not working

Hi there,

I have only just moved to a new v4 instance from our old v2 setup. So I am still getting used to it!

I was on CMS v4.0.3 and then upgraded it to v4.0.4 (running in Docker) to fix a couple of display issues with the calendar. Since the upgrade, when I change the calendar to ‘Events from the start of the’ to ‘Month’ it goes back to showing me the sample data:

However when I select ‘Day’ or ‘Week’ it displays fine. It shows as below in the preview and doesn’t load on the client (Windows):

The iCal feed works fine and displays correctly on the preview and client as long as I don’t select ‘Month’

Other than upgrading the CMS I haven’t change anything else.

Hi welcome to the community!

An issue has been recorded here: Calendar widget: Start interval month not returning data · Issue #3199 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub which will be fixed in our next release.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thanks for the reply @natasha :slight_smile:

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