Calendar Module


I have followed the calendar module guide using google calendar. I have set event on dates at different timing.

The current issue is that it wouldn’t show today’s event, when i set interval as “1 day”. It displayed “No Data returned from the source”.

However when the interval is set as 2 days, it manage to pick up “tommorow’s” event.

Is there a bug or it’s my setting on google cal.

Btw, i’m using docker 1.8.10.


Could you confirm for me that the same persist in 1.8.11 please?

If it does, please share the .ics file or url to it with me via private message and I will take a look

I’m having the same problem. I have 1.8.11 web cms and andorid player. I send you ics adres Peter. I help me pls