Calendar Event stencils not formatting date

CMS Version


Player Type and Version

Xibo for Android V4 R401
Xibo for Windows V4 R401


The date and time on the Calendar Event stencils are not being formatted correctly on the player but are on the CMS editor.

I have tested this in both the Android player and Windows Player.

This is how it is shown in the CMS Editor:

And this is how it is displayed on the Player:

Any advice would be great.


This is fixed on Package xibo-cms · GitHub but the duplicate feature is broken on develop tag.

Thanks, this should be solved in the next release:

Will the duplicate feature be fixed?

Sorry I missed that - what is the problem with the duplicate feature?

When you right-click on a widget and click duplicate nothing happens on 4.0.4. Worked fine on 4.0.3.
Checked using docker image Package xibo-cms · GitHub


Thanks for the clarification, I can recreate this issue and have reported it here:

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