Calendar and layout duration



I have a layout with a duration of 3600 seconds and a region with calendar module of 60 seconds duration. For the calendar I configured an alternative template for events that are current, but it does not update at StartDate and EndDate. It will only be update when the layour repeates after 3600 seconds. Is this a bug or expected behaviour?



Your Calendar will not be able to change until the Layout has run the full duration and restarts. You may need to reduce the Duration of the Layout if you would like to be able to receive updates to the Calendar widget sooner than every hour.

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Hi Dan,

If I use the calendar module, like in the guide with an “On Now” area, I need to set the duration of the layout to 60 seconds. So, every 60 seconds the layour repeates and the screen flicker for 1-3 seconds. Is that something that could be changed? If so, I would start a new feature request.



Thanks for the information. I’m not sure why you would need to set your Layout Duration to 60 seconds? You can set any Duration you like.

You could use an Overlay to help with this issue. So you keep the Layout you have and remove the Calendar Widget, leaving a blank area where the region was previously. Next create a second Layout that only has the Calendar Widget, in a Region that would fit in the empty space on your Original Layout.

As long as the Regions don’t overlap (unless you are using an Android Player), you could schedule the Original Layout as you had before (3600 seconds) and create an Overlay Event for the Calendar Layout, with a lower Duration so that the Calendar can refresh without the entire Layout having to do so also.

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Thank you very much. Overlay Layouts, a great feature I was not aware of :slight_smile:


Well, looks like there is an other problem. In the overlay, the calendar module region’s are not updating. If I switch from overlay to normal layout, it will works again.


The behaviour you are seeing is not caused by a bug but in fact is part of the Overlay functionality.

When an Overlay Layout is rendered, it will do so once and not update. This is part of the design and is to avoid a situation where an Overlay set to show a specific Media Item (like a brand logo for example) over the top of the Scheduled Events, briefly flickers while the Media is reloaded repeatedly.

If you would like the Calendar to refresh when scheduled as an Overlay, I would recommend opening your Overlay Layout in the Designer, Edit the Region containing the Calendar and ticking the Loop checkbox. Save to confirm the change.

If this does not provide the performance you are looking for, you could add a second Media Item to the Region containing the Calendar. This way, when the second item has finished displaying, the Calendar will be reloaded once it is due to show again.

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Hi Dan,

finally it works like expected, thank’s. If I find some time, I will write a guid for other users :slight_smile:



That’s great news, I’m glad you are now able to use the Overlay as you intended. It is also a kind offer to create a guide for other users, we will update our Manual regarding the Overlay to further inform others.

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It would be a good idea to add the overlay information to your calendar guide. Also you can add my information on how to add a microsoft exchange calendar:

  1. publish your calendar
    Login to your exchange mailbox by using Outlook Web App (OWA). Go to:
    Options --> Calendar --> Shared calendars --> Calendar publishing
    Set Permission to “Full details”. If you don’t see this option, contact your exchange admin.

  1. Your exchange admin needs to configure some properties of the Mailbox by using powershell:
    Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity <RESOURCEMAILBOX> -DeleteSubject $False -AddOrganizerToSubject $False
    Here you find the details:

This way you get StartDate, EndDate, Location and Summary. Name is still missing, but I’m working on it.