Button Display Admin in player



I just noticed when pushing the button “Display Admin” in the windows player (version 2 R200) is directs to


and I get an error

Sorry we could not find that page. Please check your URL or press back in your browser

Am I missing something here?

Regards, Peter


Thank you for your message. Can you confirm what you have entered into the CMS Address field in the Xibo Player Options? You are welcome to send this information to me privately.

Many Thanks.


Further to my previous message, can you make sure that there is not a / at the end of the URL you have entered into the CMS Address field on Xibo Player Options? removing this and saving the change should resolve the issue you are experiencing.

Many Thanks.



the solution was indeed to remove the / at the end.
The funny thing is that I did’nt put it there. I just downloaded the client, and by default it seems to be there.

Thanks for the solution,
Regards, Peter


Thank you for confirming that removing the / has resolved the issue. I have not yet experienced the same situation but I will keep an eye out for it and report if necessary.

Many Thanks.