Bug? Unable to find a correct "data root" for a dataset


Below is an example JSON feed I am trying to create a JSON from and the result of the Test Data in Xibo:

 "entries": [
            "caseOrigin": "Front_Desk",
            "students": [
               "Hani O.",
               "John D."

I want to get the list of students. But when I set the data root to “students”…which it seems like from the docs to be correct, I get no data.

Error syncing DataSet 17. E = No data found at the DataRoot students

What am I missing? Thanks!

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ok, so with some searching on my own I found a similar post mentioning issues when the encoding is UTF8 with BOM. So, I removed the BOM and the root works.

However, still couldn’t get the students I needed. I had the developer then instead change the students array to an object. Front_Desk should now be a valid DataRoot, correct? Well, it’s not according to Xibo (but queue is). This is very frustrating how basic this is. At the very least if you supported JSON selectors this wouldn’t even be an issue.

  "queue": [
      "Front_Desk": [
        {"name":"John Doe"},
        {"name":"Test Testman"},
        {"name":"Fake Person"}
      "Counseling": []

Anyone have any insight? This is preventing a conversion from a paid solution to Xibo for us.

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