[BUG] Saving campaign list

Dear Xibo Staff,

I spotted another little bug… If you click twice (for error) when saving the campaign (the layout order), it doubles everything. Also I found sometimes the order of layouts changed. Eg. I put two times the same layout mixed with other layout, I save, and then I come back to check the list, and the 2 layouts are attached again, Not in the position I set it.

I hope this can be helpful,

I can confirm this behaviour. I’m currently on 1.8.6 and I believe it happened in 1.8.5

I’ve confirmed both issues and will create GitHub reports for them shortly.

The double click Save that then doubles the number of assigned layouts will be fixed in 1.8.8
The displayOrder issue that sometimes happens will most likely be fixed in 1.8.9.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.