Bug in the Displays Page - Displays show logged in when they aren't


when i start the CMS in the Monitors section there is a connected flag for the second monitor:

although I do not have monitors connected.

If i refresh the page, that monitor appears like not connected:

is this a chache problem?
Have you already fix this in some release?
Otherwise, where we can check to fix this?

Thank you very much

When you first access the list it should run a routine to validate the displays shown in the list and update the connection flag accordingly - Xibo\Controller\Display:validateDisplay() - it may be that this isn’t running correctly or can’t save the resulting flag for some reason.

@Peter - can we setup a test for this please?

Hi @dan , @Peter . Any news?


As far as I can tell it seems to be fine in both web ui and via API - ie the logged in status matches the actual display status.

It could you be just a browser cache issue.

You could try to put your CMS in debug mode (Settings -> troubleshooting -> log level)
Recreate this problem and see the logs

I’ve not been able to recreate the problem either im afraid - so as Peter says, we’d need some logs to understand the issue.