Bug found on cms 1.8.1 and android player 1.8 R102

if i added a command to the list of commands and i set the command on display settings then i added that command to a region on a layout, after that if i tried to change or update the command on display settings it will not set update flag to the player and the player will not download the new command

I tried to recreate the issue locally, but it seems that it does work fine for me.

So I have a layout with shell command on it, in which I’ve selected already existing command.
On first run, as expected, it did run the stored command, then I’ve changed the command string in display profile assigned to my device and on the next refresh, player did run the changed command.

You can also see what commands name/string is player aware of, by looking at the config.xml in your player local library.
When you change the command string in display profile, on the next layout refresh the changed command should run and in config.xml there should be updated command string as well.

At a guess, in your case, perhaps you have some long durations on your layout? If it didn’t reload the layout, then perhaps that’s why it didn’t run the updated command.