BUG Display Settings> Profiles> Download Window

Hello Dan,

I think I found a bug in the functionality Display Settings> Profiles> Download Window.
CMS 1.7.8 - APP R61
The same problem occurs in CMS 1.8

When we use the Start Time and End Time in the same day, it works perfectly. Example: Start 9:00 AM | END 9:00 PM.

When we set Start Time and End Time with the data below the system does not work, can not understand and perform the download.
Example: Start 9:00 PM | END 9:00 AM.

Dan please could prioritize this BUG I have a serious problem on a project that can only hold download outside of business hours.

Thank you for reporting this issue - it is a known problem in 1.7 that download and update windows that go over midnight, meaning into another day, do not function correctly.

This has already been fixed in the upcoming 1.8 release.

For 1.7 you need to keep your download window within 1 day - for example 00:00 to 09:00 - and that will then work correctly.

Dan, good night.

Is this issue fixed in which CMS Version?
Is this issue fixed in which version of WIndows Client?
Is this issue fixed in which version of Android Client?

1.8.2/1.8R102 versions of CMS / player should have that fixed for sure.

I believe it was fixed few versions ago already.

If you’re uncertain, please do let me know what combination of CMS / players versions are you using and if you’ve encountered this problem with download window start/end time.