Bug: Dataset Table "No data" shows "undefined" cols

on Xibo 4.0.4 i tried to use the old Dataset Table. Because the new one (i like the idea) doesnt work for me. It scrolls random the content and show sometimes things and sometimes not.

But: On the “old” Table. If there is no data: It looks like this:

Hi sasch90, thank you for the details about this issue.

Can you export a copy of your layout so I can test it in my version 4 CMS? If you would prefer to keep the layout private, please send me a link in a private message.

Many Thanks.

HI Sasch90.

After further investigating the issue, I can confirm this is related to an issue with the No Data messages not displaying, which has been recorded here. You can use that link to track its progress.

The fix is expected in 4.0.5, which is due to release in the near future.

Thank you very much -
And could you see the other issue? Sliding elements very fast ?

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