Bug 2.0.3 - Dataset Image Column Issue

Have just set up a cloud instance of 2.0.3 and I’ve noticed an issue with Dataset images.

I’ve set up a Dataset for Events and have added a couple of test rows of data.
I have a column for ‘Logo’ images which is a Library Image type.

If I enter a dataset row, and leave the image column blank, it defaults to a font file for some reason if I reopen the row to edit.

See below screenshots. The second screenshot shows the Edit Data screen and the Alleron Heavy Regular font file populating in the image column by itself.

Clearing it from the field with the ‘x’ works temporarily, but as soon as the row is opened again, it defaults to the same file.

Thank you for posting. So that we can investigate the issue you are experiencing, please do Open a Ticket with our support team who would be happy to look into this for you.

Thank you

Thank you very much for your post. Natasha is correct that you could open a ticket on the Help desk as your CMS is hosted with us. In the meantime, this issue has been investigated and has been recorded as a bug. Below is a link to the report:

As you will see in the report, the issue is with the datasetdata edit form. What happens is that the Library Image field is empty, so when you edit the Row, the first media item in your Library, based on the name of the item not ID, will be entered into the box. In your case this appears to be the Aileron Heavy font but for my test CMS, this would occur with images, videos and other media if the name was first in your Library. The issue will be resolved in the next release of CMS, my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Many Thanks.

Great news, thanks for the quick response!