Broadcasting announcements - is there an easy way?

Please consider this use case:

I work at a high rise building and our manager needs to create messages for the residents that get sent out to some displays.

What happens now:

We have a google spreadsheet, which the manager edits.

Each line of text has some html code for formatting necessary to show topics and related text. This is already a hassle, but we have some “Example text” on a second sheet of the spreadsheet, which the manager copies over and just edits the text within.

This spreadsheet is published and imported into RiseVision.

Why is this easy? We’ve created a link on the desktop to the google spreadsheet which gets edited and the announcements are automatically pushed out.

PROBLEM: Sometimes RiseVision does not update and the players have to be rebooted manually. Among other issues.

What we want to be able to do:

Use Xibo.

Allow the manager to create text (ex. word document, Xibo text input interface, etc) which gets pushed out to xibo.

No logging in to anything if possible.

Definitely no having the manager log into xibo and edit the layout themselves!

Make it possible to have a transparent region so the page looks nice with some pretty backgrounds.

What I’ve tried so far:

Embed a google doc published in Xibo, but it has a white background so that won’t work.

Anyone have any ideas?

Surely they have to log in to Google Docs?!

Xibo has Datasets which are similar to a Google Spreadsheet. You could have your manager log in to Xibo and present them only with access to that single dataset.

The content of the dataset can then be used to drive the content of one or more layouts.

Well you are correct, there is some login. I would have preferred not to have to do that.

In either case, I will investigate these datasets. It sounds like it might work wonderfully. Thanks Alex.

I’ve checked out the data sets and it’s still not really what I’m looking for.

Is there a dataset-like form that can be edited that looks as if you are entering text with formatting?

Inserting bullets points, lists, changing font sizes and colors, etc.

No there isn’t.

The permissions system is very flexible though so you could give your managers access to just edit the text in one region on a layout?

Other than that you’d have to engineer getting some HTML output of another system and then include that in to Xibo using embedded HTML. Note though playback of that won’t work if the Players loose connection to the source server.

I’ll give the permissions to a specific regions strategy a try and see how that works. I didn’t realize you could also set permissions that way.

Would it not work without internet if you enable the web cache in Xibo?



You can tell the Webview to enable caching but that doesn’t guarantee it will render properly from cache. Xibo itself doesn’t cache websites or claim to. It stores it’s own native content (images, videos, text, datasets, tickers etc) on the Players to guarantee playback if the CMS goes away but that doesn’t extend to Webpage or Embedded HTML (depending on exactly what you put in them)

Thanks for the quick reply, Alex!

Ok, I understand.
Would be a great feature to implement though! (Maybe for Xibo 2? :slight_smile: )

It’s really not possible - for the same reason that the WebView cache only works in a handful of scenarios. Modern coding for all but trivial websites relies on background javascript calls to fetch in resources etc. A better route is to get the features you want in to Xibo where we have control of those things and so that you don’t need to embed external content like that in the first place.