Blank square visible on screen


I have a blank rectangle showing on all my layouts, but only on screen, not on the cms.
Here is a picture:

I was using a beelink bt3 pro with windows 10, player version 1.8.3. but I have problems with sound playing over HDMI wich makes the videos go in slow motion.
So i just installed an Intel Nuc with windows 10, added it as a second display in the CMS, and used the same campaign on it. Same problem.
Botch computers use a vga dummy plug, and a special profile to show xibo on the second (hdmi) screen.
Resolution is 1920x1080 and CMS version is 1.8.4.

How can I find the source of this rectangle?


Found the problem.
There was a tiny region behind the main region, it was an empty text region, so I had to move my main region aside to find it.

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